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[8:23] <KaZeR_W> hi there
[10:21] <Coffe> Hello. i am reading the guide on cluster. but there is noting about how then to query the cluster.
[10:35] <bob235> Coffe: do you mean finding out which nodes are in the cluster? see "rabbitmqctl cluster_status"
[10:42] <Coffe> bob2351, no. if i need to ad HA or common practis is to have a singel name to query , so it will be redundent if 1 node dies
[10:49] <bob235> Coffe: you can connect via a load-balancer, or you will need to inform your clients about all the nodes in a cluster
[10:50] <Coffe> bob235, ok. the load-balancer issingel point of failure .. tnx for the answers :)
[17:17] <ehm> I seem to have an issue where I delete a queue prior to the rabbitmq server going down and when it comes back up the queue is still there. I am using Pika and get the acknowledgement for the delete but maybe it is incorrect
[17:19] <ehm> rabbitmqctl says the queue has no consumers or messages too
[17:20] <ehm> p.s. by "acknowledgement" I mean I get a Queue.DeleteOk
[17:52] <bob235> ehm: does rabbit have anything interesting in the log when it starts up? how long do you wait between the delete-ok and shutting down the broker?
[18:01] <ehm> bob235: I did not check rabbit logs and have since overwritten them. Will try to trigger again. The shutdown was almost instantaneous and was a kill -9 on the server.
[18:11] <bob235> ehm: can you confirm the rabbit version?
[18:16] <ehm> bob235: version 2.3.1
[18:21] <antares_> bob235: hi. I have an implementation question, do you have a minute?
[19:17] <ehm> are Alternative Exchanges supported in version 2.3.1?
[19:20] <antares_> ehm: it is not clear from release notes for 2.3 and 2.2
[19:20] <antares_> you can try, it is a pretty easy to use extension
[19:25] <ehm> antares_: just tried and I got: 406:PRECONDITION_FAILED - inequivalent arg 'alternate-exchange' for exchange 'exchange_foo' in vhost '/': received none but current is the value 'my-ae' of type 'longstr'
[19:26] <ehm> I assume that means that alternate-exchange is not supported
[19:28] <antares_> ehm: no
[19:28] <antares_> ehm: it is supported
[19:28] <antares_> but you previously had it set to a different value
[19:28] <antares_> so rabbitmq thinks that arguments are different and rejects your declaration
[19:29] <antares_> delete that exchange using management UI or programmatically and try again
[19:29] <antares_> this happens to me every so often with 2.5 and 2.6 during development
[19:33] <old_sound> antares_: hey… have you seen this: https://github.com/videlalvaro/msg_store_bitcask_index
[19:35] <antares_> old_sound: I only have seen your announcement
[19:35] <antares_> old_sound: but this is just index, right?
[19:35] <old_sound> so far just index
[19:35] <antares_> not the complete store?
[19:35] <antares_> I need a redis-based store (not just index) but haven't gotten to it yet
[19:35] <antares_> there is a Riak one, too, to use as example
[19:35] <old_sound> where?
[19:36] <old_sound> why do you need a redis one?
[19:37] <antares_> to have queue introspection on the next travis-ci.org version
[19:39] <antares_> old_sound: the riak one is at https://github.com/jbrisbin/rabbit_riak_queue
[20:09] <old_sound> antares_: In pondering what's needed to be done to actually put riak_core in front of rabbit_msg_store
[20:09] <old_sound> I think the rabbit_msg_store is pretty god at storing messages
[20:10] <antares_> but why do you need riak_core there at all?
[20:10] <antares_> message store probably does not use consistent hashing (maybe in the case of clustering, I am not sure) or vector clocks
[20:14] <old_sound> I want the riak_core to do replication
[20:19] <antares_> so each node in a cluster will be responsible for a portion of the ring?
[20:20] <antares_> how do you hash messages in that case?
[20:22] <old_sound> I'm not 100% sure… I'm just reading about it… but I don't want to make the assumption of "hey let's put riak core" and scale this thing
[20:41] <lofidellity> Im attempting to get rabbitmq 2.3.1 in an HA active/active setup and I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly
[20:42] <lofidellity> right now i have two rabbitmq instances, running carp so they have one ip address in common and two seperate ip's as well of course
[20:42] <lofidellity> i have them setup so they are both disk nodes in a cluster
[20:43] <lofidellity> and when I create a queue I used this argument "x-ha-policy", "all"
[20:43] <lofidellity> is there anything else to do?
[20:45] <lofidellity> also one thing I've noticed in creating the cluster is that if I restart a node, it is unable to rejoin the cluster unless I restart the other node as well
[20:45] <lofidellity> how do I overcome this?
[22:23] <bob2351> lofidellity: HA active/active didn't exist in rabbit 2.3.1 - you will need a later version
[23:03] <lofidellity> bob2351: are there aditional configs available in later versions which make active/active possible because reading the docs make it look like active/active is really just having two brokers setup and marking a queue as mirrored
[23:04] <lofidellity> and for anyone curious as to why rabbit wouldnt start, I didn't have the other node in my /etc/hosts file so it couldnt connect
[23:16] <bob2351> lofidellity: HA active/active is more than a confi issue - the implementation is absent from the broker in releases prior to 2.6.0. see the changelog here: http://www.rabbitmq.com/changelog.html
[23:16] <lofidellity> awesome, I think this should lead me closer to what I'm looking for.
[23:16] <lofidellity> Thanks bob2351
[23:19] <lofidellity> are there any instructions availble for setup once I have the upgraded version?
[23:20] <lofidellity> So far all I was able to find was this: http://www.rabbitmq.com/ha.html
[23:52] <bob2351> lofidellity: that link should tell you everything and is the best source of information. as always ask here or on the mailing list if you get stuck

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